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Who am I

Who am I

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·Aug 17, 2021·

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Hi I’m Yvo,

I'm a AWS Cloud Consultant working at Oblivion Cloud Control and proud AWS Community Builder. I specialised myself in architecting and building high available environments using automation (Infrastructure as Code combined with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). Challenging problems and find solutions which fit are my speciality.

Designing systems with a strong focus on Serverless and Security is what i do most. But also leveraging development tools to speed up the deployment process. I like to help customers in their Cloud journey, from start to finish. From designing a Landing Zone to help with creating DataLakes in AWS. Preferably using the Cloud Development Kit as a basis tool.

Furthermore I'm a husband and proud father of two boys (Nev and Kick*) and a girl (Reeva)!

AWS Certifications

As working on AWS you need your certifications as well. Here are my achievements:

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