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Hi there! 👋 Thanks for checking out this page and awesome you consider to support me. I highly appreciate it!

I’m Yvo and write stuff over my day to day experiences in the field as a AWS Cloud Consultant. I do my very best to write about the AWS cloud in a readable and fun like way. The blogs are all from my personal experiences. If you find this fun and educational, or it helps you in your journey to explore the AWS cloud, I'm already satisfied and graceful.

If you still want to show your support or sponsorship, it is all up to you, but you can use this page to do so.

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Sometimes you just want parallelism

Mar 14, 2023Background So at the enterprise I’m working with, we are consuming messages from Confluent Cloud topics. These messages should end up in S3 to be available for further processing. Due to enterprise regulations, (network technicalities, but also allow...

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