Curriculum Vitae

No fuss, but just short highlights of my career.

Current position

Cloud Architect at Xebia

Previous jobs

  • Team lead and Cloud Consultant at Oblivion Cloud Control, merged with Xebia (2018 - 2022)
  • Team lead and Technical Consultant at Sentia (2008 - 2018)


Team Captain

Coaching a team of 11 consultants to let them perform at the Champions League level.

Cloud Architect

Helping design complex environments depending on customers' input.

Cloud Consultant

AWS Cloud Consulting at its finest


  1. Clouds
    AWS Only, for now.
  2. Infrastructure as Code
    CloudFormation, Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and a bit rusty on Terraform
  3. Programming Language
    Python and Typescript
  4. Containerization
    Docker, ECS and Fargate
  5. CI/CD
    All AWS CI/CD services, Github and Jenkins
  6. Network and Firewalls
    AWS Network Firewall, OpenBSD packet filtering, Transit Gateways and CloudWan
  7. Operating Systems
    MacOS, Windows, Linux and OpenBSD
  8. Others
    TrendMicro, PagerDuty, OpsGenie and Confluent Cloud (Kafka)

Natural Languages

Dutch (Native) and English (Fluent)

Work Experience

ABN Amro Clearing – June 2021 - Current

We are building a secure data analytics platform in AWS for ingesting batch and streaming data. The services used are Confluent Cloud (Kafka), EC2, S3, Lambda, Datasync, Glue, Managed Workflow Apache Airflow and DataIku. All are built with the Athena, Tableau AWS Cloud Development Kit.

Envalior - September 2023 - April 2024

Carve out of the existing DSM AWS environment. Set up a new landing zone and design network topology (Transit gateway and consolidated Egress) with connectivity to other clouds (via SD-WAN solution). After delivering the landing zone, I helped migrate the Data Analytics Platform (DAP) to a new environment. It was a very time-pressured task, but it finished in 4 months.

PostNL – May 2020 - Jan 2021

Building a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), creating a secure landing zone to kickstart PostNL's cloud journey, setting guardrails, and teaching DevOps and AWS. The landing zone was built using the AWS Deployment Framework based on CloudFormation and CDK. Hiring new PostNL employees to staff CCoE.

Multiple Customers – Feb 2018 - Current

I have worked with various customers, from architecting solutions to doing Well-Architected Reviews, Migration Acceleration Programs (MAP), building applications based upon CDK, and designing landing zone solutions. Services used: CDK, CloudFormation, IAM, ECS, Fargate, EFS, RDS (+Aurora Serverless), CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeCommit, Cloud9, Athena, Quicksight, Glue, EMR, S3, Lambda, CloudWatch, SecurityHub, GuardDuty, CloudTrail, KMS, Config, VPC (and other networking like Transit Gateway, Route53, etc), Amplify, Appstream2.0, Control Tower, Storage Gateways, Backup and Glacier



Xebia Lead the Way
TIAS school for business and society


Xebia Consultants Development Masterclass
TIAS school for business and society


Bachelor of Technology Computer Science - Information Technology
Hogeschool van Amsterdam